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I have a problem saving large amounts of text after editing. After clicking save, the new page only displays a small portion of the text I had put in while editing. I've noticed that it occurs on our Wiki, which is running on Solaris 2.6, Apache 2.0, using IE 6.0, by doing the following:

  1. Open a Wiki page with a pageful of content
  2. Open a Word document or even any Windows text document in Notepad.
  3. Copy and paste a pageful of text into the beginning of the Wiki page
  4. Content is truncated. And if you look at the db file on the file system, it is HUGE!

We tried to make the file size bigger (up to 1024) but this didn't help. We also tried to install a patch that removes carriage returns, but this also produced no different result. It appears to have to do with cutting and pasting between Windows (where the browser is running) and Unix (where the Wiki is running), because I have verified that this does not happen if the Wiki is running on Windows NT. This happens even if you run dos2Unix on the text file before you copy and paste its contents into the Wiki.

-- Syed

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Last edited October 14, 2002 2:08 pm by Syed (diff)