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Fixed in 1.0.6 --MarkusLude

On my local usemod wiki, when I try to submit the preferences form, I get this reply:

 Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved.
 (Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)

I need help with diagnosing what the problem could be.

I'm using UseMod 1.0 (SlashLinks disabled) with Firefox on Mac OS X 10.4.5 (in the usual manner, just dropped wiki.pl in the cgi-bin directory of the preconfigured Apache that came with the OS), have cookies enabled, and indeed I have one cookie for the correct site ( and with the correct name, so it should definitely be sent and also be recognised by the wiki. Unfortunately I haven't paid attention to my username or preferences in a long while, and 'recent changes' shows I've been editing as 'localhost' (instead of 'myusername') for all of the last 96 days (the maximum duration I can select under recent changes), so it's impossible to tell when the cookie stopped working and which change could be the cause.

This is a bug in the wiki.pl script. It has nothing to do with your system. The script has the following line of code:
 $cookie .= ";expires=Fri, 08-Sep-2013 19:48:23 GMT";

It is now past 08-Sept-2013 -- so the script is directing the system to expire cookies prior to them being set. You need to go into the script and edit it manually to set a different date. I set mine to 2025, but you are probably fine with any year up through Tuesday, January 19, 2038. I think later is fine for your Mac system as well, but the script could choke on Unix systems with a later date. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem ).

And I'm just another user, like you -- I have no clue why the code wasn't written to go out to 2038 in the first place. (Posted on 10 Sept 2013)

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