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Changed in usemod 1.2.0

In DeletePage and RenameKeepText there's a definition like this:

 $fname = $KeepDir . "/" . &GetPageDirectory($page) .  "/$page.kp";

Can be used the existing subroutine?

 $fname = &KeepFileName();

without side effects?

-- JuanmaMP

Not without more changes. KeepFileName() uses $OpenPageName, DeletePage() and RenameKeepText?() could be called for other pages, e.g. through admin links. But thanks to the hint.

-- MarkusLude

I changed KeepFileName() and added a parameter. Changed all calls to KeepFileName() now with parameter $OpenPageName. After that, DeletePage(), RenameKeepText?() and RenamePage?() could use KeepFileName() too

-- MarkusLude

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Last edited November 5, 2017 9:43 pm by MarkusLude (diff)