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Clicking the title of this page shows the index of all pages instead of the BackLink?s of this page.

Worked in V0.92, but listed all Subpages with the same subpage name (OnePage/SubPage AnotherPage/SubPage). Link is search=/NameOfSubPage

In the actual beta (here V0.96), the link is back=/NameOfSubPage. The string "/NameOfSubPage" fails the test in ValidId(): subpage without main page

Possible solution:

I'll work on a fix the next days...

Free Links have the same problem.

-- MarkusLude

Thank you for finding this bug. It was probably hidden for so long because the the Meatball wiki (the main wiki using the beta code) doesn't use either subpages or free links. Any fixes will be gratefully accepted, but if it cannot be fixed then I might just revert to the old searching code. --CliffordAdams

Seems to work again in the new version 0.99.

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Last edited August 17, 2003 5:51 pm by MarkusLude (diff)