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I seem to have managed to give the anonymous UserID of 111 (which I recon implies that the wiki was unable to even set the cookie) a username (!).

Please see some of the changes made by the user "Quite" in this wiki:


(some of the changes that appear to be made by the real user "Quite" are actually made by anonymous 111)

Has anyone else experienced this? How is it possible to remove the name registered for anonymous 111?

More notes:

    It seems that userid 111 gets different names, not only Quite.


Is your wiki running in some kind of persistent environment (like mod_perl or FastCGI)? This bug sounds very similar to the problem listed on the PersistentCGI page. See that page for a description and a 1-line fix (which will be in the next release).

It is unlikely that you actually created a user name for ID 111, since the code specifically checks for this case. Look in the user/1 directory (under your main wiki data directory) for a file "111.db". If it exists, you can remove it. --CliffordAdams

The following is output for me after trying submit preferences:

  Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved.
  (Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)
This only happens with SlashLinks and/or the SlashLinksPatch. The cookie is successfully sent when viewing the preferences page. It is continues to be sent while browsing the site. However, the cookie does not seem to be received when posting occurs.
This was solved at least in my case by appending a '/' to the $ScriptName when the form is setup in in GetFormStart. Otherwise, the browser will not send the cookie. There is probably a better fix for this.

I was getting the same error

 Invalid UserID 111, preferences not saved.
 (Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)
when trying to set the admin password. It didn't happen when I reached the Wiki from the server itself using "localhost" instead of the usual host name. After some testing, it seems that it fails when the name of the server has a "_" on it. So a server named like "your_host" will fail, but a server named "yourhost" will work fine. It works fine also when I use the IP adress instead of the name.

Note that the my server has an adress like: http://my_server:8080/cgi-bin/wiki.pl (no "www." nor ".com"). The server runs Apache on Win95 (but I tried on an XP machine and has the same problem) and the clients access it using IE6.

-- Albert

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