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Fixed in 1.0.2 --MarkusLude

When doing ?action=links&exists=0 all SubPages in the form /SubPage are listed as missing, even when they are really there.

This can been seen in this example output:

WikiBugs /Anonymous111Registered /BackLinkForSubPagesShowsIndex /BacklinksMissesSomeFeeLinks /BadBannedFileParsing /BadEditBannedExamples /BadPageVersion /ChunkedModeTransferNotCompliant /CompareButtonFailsToDiff /CuttingAndPastingTextFromWindowsProblem /DownloadPageRedirectsToMSWithWget /Editlinks_Mangles_Pages_In_Special_Cases /EmailNotifyDiesWhenNoEmailFile /EndingWithDoubleDoubleQuotes /ExistanceWikiPageNotChecked /FileUploadFails /FileUploadManglesFile /HeadingsAndIndention /HtmlCache /HtmlCacheREDIRECT /ImageExtensionsCaseSensitive /InterWikiGraphicsNotRecognized /InvalidLinkGenerated /LinksOnRecentChangesAlwaysCapitalized /LocalFileSupport /LongPageGetsTruncated /MixedList /MonthsInEnglish /NotFoundPg /Post_Edit_Page_Refresh_Fails_When_Wiki_Running_On_Non-Standard_Port /RedirectFoolsDiff /SplitUrlPunct /TextFormatting /UnexpectedHRTagsInPreFormattedText /UseCache /WrongTimeOnHistory FullUrl JamesHodge SamJost
WikiBugs/Anonymous111Registered /DanielLublin

-- MikeCastle

I will try to fix this for 1.1 if I have time. (I think (without checking right now) that the problem is the context-sensitivity of the /SubPage link--the links action doesn't set the $MainPage variable to provide the context.) --CliffordAdams

However, the /RequestedLinks bug seems to address the issue. Not yet sure if it breaks more than it fixes though.

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Last edited August 30, 2007 6:53 pm by MarkusLude (diff)