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Here's another bug when doing ?action=links&exists=0.

A BracketedLink that has a wiki word in it will show up as a broken link if a page for it doesn't exist.



With the above two examples, the output on this wiki is:

WikiBugs/ActionLinksExistsZeroBracketedLinks WikiWordLikeRedHat?

-- MikeCastle

I think we could live with this. It soon becomes somewhat ugly if one has to look if a WikiWord in a page is really a link or not. BracketedLink are one thing, <nowiki> the next and maybe more. --MarkusLude

In those examples, you can always choose:
[http://www.redhat.com <nowiki>WikiWordLikeRedHat</nowiki>] 
If you aren't interested in WikiWordLikeRedHat as PageLink or (WantedPage). --JuanmaMP

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