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$SiteBase = ""; # Full URL for <BASE> header

$RedirType = 1; # 1 = CGI.pm, 2 = script, 3 = no redirect

$FooterNote = ""; # HTML for bottom of every page

$UserGotoBar = ""; # HTML added to end of goto bar

These are a few settings that are non-intuitive. UseMod is the best. As installers, we know the complications of it and can build up the documentation.

I've updated $FooterNote and $UserGotoBar with some simple explanation. There is probably a lot more to say on the matter. As for $SiteBase and $RedirType, I don't have a clue - yet. BobWaller

The $SiteBase and $RedirType settings are useful in a few rare situations. The $SiteBase setting allows the admin to specify a <BASE> header for each wiki page, which can sometimes help when a site wants to standardize the URLs of its pages. For example, this wiki is accessible at the hostnames "www.usemod.com" and "usemod.com" (without the www). I want people to link to the "www.usemod.com" version, so I set the $SiteBase to "http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/". This means that if a person goes to a url like http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UserHelp (without the www), all the links will point to "www.usemod.com". (If I ever move to another webhosting provider the plain "usemod.com" links might stop working.)

It's also possible to do this type of thing with Apache's mod_rewrite.

The $RedirType setting shouldn't need to be changed if editing pages works on your system. A few sites with very old versions of Perl need to use the "2" setting. A couple sites which have broken webserver software need to use the "3" setting which just shows a link rather than redirecting. --CliffordAdams (a moderately experienced user :-)

ummm...does anyone know about the passwords settings? like AdminPass? and EditPass?

See AdminFeatures for an explanation of these settings.
See UserIsEditor UserIsAdmin for how the code picks them up

Can't seem to get either $FooterNote or $UserGotoBar to work; I put simple text like FOO in either or both, force a full refresh of a page in my Wiki, and nothing shows up. Any ideas? It's not a patched version of UseMod or anything.
Are you using a config file? If you are, then you need to make changes in the config file, and not the wiki script.

Maybe the page is cached. Edit a page. Are the $FooterNote and the $UserGotoBar visible after this?

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