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Q: What is the utility of $SetCookie{'rev'} and/or is mandatory?. Thanks. 2018-06-15 JuanmaMP.
Q: 2004-08-23

Admin password\edit

I have tried and tried different things in order to attempt to setup an admin password on the WIKI. If I put an admin password in my wiki.pl and also the edit, I have full rights. If I make the file editting allowed under the Major Options: I get a read only-like I should. The problem I am having trying to figure out is to lockdown the file and whenever you hit the edit text- or login somewhere else, I will then have to enter a username and password that I put in the wiki.pl page somewhere. Is this possible? I have read most everything about setting the admin function, but dont seem to correlate the page and what is written. I cant get it to work. If I put in a edit and admin password in my wiki.pl file and take off the editting allowed: 1 Anyone and everyone can make changes. I have tried multiple machines with different users also that would eliminate the idea that the page was cached and thus allowing me access. The text talked about, and I saw in the script.. it referencing a *pwlist.. where does this list reside? or how to add users? again the attempt is to have to login with username and permissions. http://www.globalcomputingsys.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?HomePage HELP Christopher

UPDATE: NEVER MIND I resolved Myself.. Sep 29, 2004

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