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UseModWiki upgrade instructions for versions before 0.90 (upgrading to 0.90).

December 24, 2000: The official UseModWiki 0.90 version is released.

Versions before 0.86: contact mailto:usemod@usemod.com for instructions.

Version 0.86 or 0.88:

1. Make a backup copy of your wiki's database directory (DataDir). The conversion script shouldn't alter the old pages, but it's still a good idea. I also recommend making a copy of your current wiki script, in case you need to go back to the old version.

2. Copy the conversion script (um9cvt.pl) to the DataDir.

3. Change directory (cd) to the DataDir. (Alternately, edit the um9cvt.pl script, change the directories near the top, and skip steps 2 and 3.)

4. Run the script using the command "perl um9cvt.pl" (without the quotes). Status messages will be printed as the database is converted. The new pages will be in the "page" subdirectory.

5. Copy the "config" file from the 0.90 distribution to the DataDir. Edit the "config" file (the copy in the DataDir) to match your old wiki's settings. (Hopefully this will be the last time you'll have to edit these settings--future upgrades should be backwards compatible.)

6. Copy the new (version 0.90) wiki.pl file over the old version. If you had to use a "chmod" command for the previous version (to change permissions), you may need to repeat that command. [For test users only, the main wiki script is called "um9test.pl".]

7. Edit the wiki script (wiki.pl), and change the DataDir configuration (around line 50) to match the DataDir from your old wiki. You do not have to edit the configuration settings below the DataDir--they are simply the default settings. (The settings in the "config" file from step 5 override the settings in the script.)

8. Test the new version of the wiki. Try editing some pages, and visiting the history page ("View or edit other revisions") to test the history/kept-pages feature. (Note that only the current revision is converted--see below for other notes on the conversion.)

9. When you are certain that version 0.90 works (and you will not be reverting back to 0.88), remove the old page directories (called "A", "B", "C", ..., "Y", "Z", and "other") from your DataDir. (The new data is stored under the "page" directory.)

10. Enjoy the new version. Send any comments or questions to mailto:usemod@usemod.com.

Notes on the 0.86/0.88 -> 0.90 conversion:

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