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What's the latest word? Anyone hear anything about the NextRelease?

September 1, 2003:

The wiki beta is going well. Tonight I added my last "release-critical" feature to the code: CSS support. (The 1.0 release uses DIV tags, classes for almost all HR tags, and classes for links to pages (both existing and non-existing).) There are a couple more features I hope to add before the final feature-complete beta (now scheduled for September 4-5), but they aren't critical. I'm now hoping to release 1.0 on September 12, 2003. --CliffordAdams

August 9, 2003:

I saw in one of the pages somewhere something about version 1.0 being targeted for September 2003.

That is correct. In fact, my target is before September 15, 2003. I hope to get the beta code in "releasable" shape by August 15 (all features working, minimally complete documentation), then spend the next two weeks adding nice but non-critical features, with a final beta/gamma release no later than September 1. The actual 1.0 release date will depend on what the beta testers find. --CliffordAdams

December 31, 2002:

The bad news is that 0.97 is not ready for release yet.
The good news is that an "early beta" 0.96 version is available for people who are willing to deal with the current unfinished code. Email usemod@usemod.com for details (including the download location). The 0.96 version is intended for those who are actively working on patches, not for general use. I hope to make 0.97 available soon for more widespread testing.

November 26, 2002:

I am now planning a 0.97 "beta" release to take place in December 2002. This "beta" release will be announced to the beta-testing list only (email usemod@usemod.com if you want to be on that list). If all goes well with testing, 0.98 should be released in January 2003.

The 0.97/0.98 releases will contain the current version of the script that is running MeatballWiki. The only planned changes are to make some Meatball features optional (like file replacement). This means that many of the features marked NextRelease will not be in 0.98. Although I would like to add several of those features, it is important to make more of the current Meatball-only code available. People who really want a feature in 0.97/0.98 may be able to convince me, but it will require a full diff including code to make the feature optional.

I am currently planning a 1.0 release by June 2003, including more of the user-contributed patches and a set of starter pages for the wiki (which will become the main UseModWiki documentation). After 1.0 is released I will be handing over control and future development of UseModWiki to SunirShah. Sunir has written most of the additional code since 0.92, and will be listed as a coauthor of 0.98 and 1.0. --CliffordAdams

Note: Most of the text below was written before the November 26, 2002 announcement of 0.97/0.98 plans.

Hey, Clifford, do you still plan to release a UseMod version 1.0 in 2002? Inquiring minds aren't minding their own business. -- MatthewSimpson :-)

I'm back in town now, off the road. It seems like the battle is up to me now. I have to reinstall my computer though, but I'll see what I can do. I'm really paralyzed by the shear cruftiness of the code. I think that I'll just unify the script with MeatballWiki, release that, and then start "refactoring" everything. Basically, I think I'm going to rewrite it just like everyone else has done. I'm going to do this my way because, ultimately, I want to turn the distribution into something public, a la MeatBall:PublicScript, and I have a vision of where that will lead the script--I want to develop UseModWiki on a UseModWiki. Of course, we cannot let the current situation last forever, obviously, so I think it's important for everyone to get angry enough to sort this mess out. -- SunirShah

I would also support a place where extroverted wiki founders can upload their patched scripts, and then we can comment on those here on this wiki. Then we have choice, and discussion, and one of these scripts will take off as "the" next script. There will be peer pressure to add feature X or Y, but not enough for feature Z, and so we get a very simple group thing going. The alternative would be to create a project on Savannah or Source Forge, with CVS and the people interested can use CVS to add changes, make branches, etc. -- AlexSchroeder

I would welcome uploads of patched scripts here. I can't think of a good WikiName right now, but someone could create a page linking to the variants. Once that page is started links can be added to the main page and /Download. - done

I've started work on a MeatBall:WikiAsSourceControlRepository for the UseModWiki base. I'm doing this on my local machine at the moment for a few reasons, like avoiding bandwidth and CPU costs, and also some selfish reasons. Once this starts to look good, I'll show Cliff. If he agrees, I'll upload the whole ball to usemod.com and continue from there.

Code reuse in this system is very fine grained, and in fact it's very reasonable to maintain several scripts off the same repository. This may make it valuable for people to not just post their scripts, but perhaps even develop their scripts publically. Then again, maybe not. I hate predicting the future. -- SunirShah

I agree that the idea of MeatBall:WikiAsSourceControlRepository. I hate I have done the job that someone else already have done. Particularly I am not good at perl programming, my code is a kind of nasty. The centralized repository in the wiki seems nice ideas like WikiPatches. I can check all of works involved in UseMod in the one place. Also I advocate to prepare the place where patched scripts are uploaded. Currently I am publishing my script at my wiki site [1], but most people who came here don't know that. Indeed MeatBall is publising the own patched script at (I forgot where), yet I didn't know that for long time. --TakuyaMurata

I only published the patched script a week before you wrote this. The patch history is incomplete as that only lists patches that I have done, which does not include those that The Cliff did while I was travelling in order to keep the universe from imploding. I would love to see all of us come together with our scripts in one place, no matter how diverse. I'm not one to force similarity on people because that is boring, but I am one to encourage sharing the resulting new ideas because that is what's fun! -- SunirShah

It's been quite awhile -- what's the story? -- BayleShanks

Well, Cliff is doing 1.0. I am doing 2.0, as in MeatBall:InfiniteMonkey. I didn't do any development for three months though while fruitlessly jobhunting. -- SunirShah

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