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UseModWiki with modification

This wiki is based on UseMod 0.92. Raymundo. (Raymundo is GyPark's nickname) and other people in Korea have added some bug fixes, patches, new features to usemod.

Change List

Long long ago... :) A man in Korea, whose nick is luke, modified usemod 0.92 and named it "usemod 0.92K3" (K means Korea, 3 means 3rd version).

Raymundo and other people who was using K3 to run their personal homepages began to modify it again and again, from then until now. We appended "ext" (which means "extended") to the version name.

The main purpose of our modification involves in "running Homepage in Korean more conveniently with usemod wiki". So modifications in "ext1.**" were made and tested using "EUC-KR" encoding. Recently, we chose to use "UTF-8" as default encoding and changed the version name to be "ext2.**". This site uses UTF-8, too. But many features are still fit for Korean users. For example, look [page index]. The title entries mainly consist of alphabets (A, B, C,...,Z) and Korean characters (가, 나, ... 하) to group pages.

Patches are scattered all through the source and signed by luke or gypark. Change lists for 0.92Kx is [here] and for 0.92K3-ext1.xx [here].

Anyway, the changes are listed in [UseModWiki소스수정] ("UseModWiki Source Modification" in Korean). That page also includes the installation guide and future works. The history of changes, related to each version-up, is shown in [UseModWiki소스수정/History]. Both pages, unfortunately, are written in Korean language. I'll try to translate it to English.

Changes include:

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