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This is primitive sample code to access pages in the UseModWiki database from other perl programs.

package UseModWiki; # yeah, I know...
$_ = 'nocgi';
require "/Users/towb/MyWeb/htdocs/wiki.pl";

From DoWikiRequest:

if ($UseConfig && (-f "$DataDir/config")) {
  do "$DataDir/config";

A CGI object is used for error messages and parameters. SaveSection uses the global $q to get "username". We can either call InitRequest and pass it via STDIN or do the following:

  $Now = time;
  $q = new CGI({username => "TobiasWeber?"});
  $UserID = 1011; # user must exist

The Rest is simple:


 print $Section{ts}; # last edit time stamp
 $Text{text} .= "All Done"; # just work on those variables


Of course your script has to have the same permissions as wiki.pl which would usually run as "www".

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