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Trent Fisher

I discovered Wikis around 2003, I have no idea why it took me so long (coincidentally, WardCunningham's wife was my professor in college).

I am using UseMod at work. I have applied many patches and made a whole slew of changes, including:

I have also started using UseMod on my personal web sites, after trying various other software. I came back to UseMod mainly because I know Perl very well (I installed version 2 on a VAX!) and I knew the guts of UseMod and could make it do whatever I wanted faster that I could figure out other systems (like MediaWiki or Drupal), and it could be deployed easily at my web hosting provider.

I have moved my code to here: http://code.google.com/p/usemodwikihack/

My web pages are at http://www.veganmilitia.org and http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~trent

Thoughts on Spam

One of my Wikis (http://www.veganmilitia.org/bcm/) got hammered by spammers, so I wanted to figure out strategies for dealing with such vermin. I read WikiSpam and some other pages, and found the whole discussion very confusing. After some thought I more clearly organized the various anti-spam strategies, and noted what needed to be done to UseMod to implement those strategies:

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