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The WikiWiki running TmNet (aka http://www.technomanifestos.net ), written by AdamBrate from UseModWiki. GPLed.

Features include:

See http://www.technomanifestos.net/?The_Network/Source to view the code or download it.

 Installation instructions (even one sentence) would be really nice! - Anonymous

TmNetWiki : The missing installation instructions

  (feel free to move to appropriate location)

I think regular installation intructions from UseMod and from the Download site for TmNetWiki apply. The code has some perl warnings and is missing a required LogPublish module. The following files need some minor work

Still figuring out templates - ManpreetSingh

As I struggle with getting it running completely, I am wondering if the released code was tested before release??? -- ManpreetSingh

The speed is terrible on WindowsME? with Savant Web server and PPM based TemplateToolkit as compared to vanilla UseMod installation -- ManpreetSingh

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