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TinyWeb is an ultra simple webserver for windows. Written by Ralp Becker in Delphi, no install, single file. Best of all: It is free! Even supports cgi-scripts and a SSL version is available, too. For further information take a look at http://www.ritlabs.com/tinyweb.


Absolute favourite

 I really tested a lot of servers which are suitable for an internal system or even at 
 home. This one is my absolute favourite. -- MichaelKollak

I have problems

Q: (db) Tuesday March 207h 8:56 pm. Not as easy as you make it sound! I installed it, hoping to run Usemod locally and when I tried to run Tb.exe, I got an error:path to home directory is absent. I am therefore back to square one. Anyone knows what to do?

A:There is this info about Tiny Web right on this wiki (at UseModWiki/InstallWindows)

For the TinyWeb option

(this assumes you have already installed latest version of free ActivePerl)

If anybody has any problems with the steps above please comment or query here.

A personal wiki is on the market which uses TinyWeb as its http server; the author wrapped a self installer around it to make it easy to set up in a computer. it is offered for free over at http://www.freeholdmarketing.com/WW/

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