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Text Formatting

This page provides both the rules for text formatting and succinct examples. See elsewhere for the rules on lists, linking, etc.

Features marked with *** require the HtmlTags option to be activated.


Leave a blank line between paragraphs.

Like this

Leave a blank line between paragraphs.

Like this


You create bold and italic text by using a repeated "'" single quote character before and after the text to be emphasised. Use two quotes for italic and three single quotes for bold. eg
''italic'' '''bold''' '''''bold & italic'''''
italic bold bold & italic

Alternatively use HyperTextMarkupLanguage tags eg

<b>bold</b> <i>italic</i> <b><i>bold and italic</i></b> <u>underline</u> <s>strikeout</s> <sup>superscript</sup> <sub>subscript</sub><br /> <big>big</big> <small>small</small>
bold italic bold and italic <u>underline</u><s>strikeout</s><sup>superscript</sup>*** <sub>subscript</sub>*** <big>big</big>*** <small>small</small>***

Monospace text

Create monospace text by using a " " space as the first character on a line, eg
 This is text in a monospace font
 This is text in a monospace font
Alternatively use the HyperTextMarkupLanguage tags eg
<tt>typewriter</tt> <code>code</code>
typewriter code


Indent text by using a ":" colon as the first character on a line, eg
::More text
:::Yet more text
More text
Yet more text

Line continuation

Continue a line of text by using a "\" backslash. This can be useful for breaking up long lines of text in line sensitive sections such as lists or indented text, eg
 * This bullet\  
point could have a long\
sentence that takes several lines.

New line

Use <br> to change the line eg
 First line<br>
 Next line


Use <nowiki></nowiki> to terminate WikiWords eg

Also, WikiWords may be formatted as WikiWord""s.

Use <nowiki></nowiki> to disable wiki rules within a piece of text, eg:

 <nowiki>WikiNames are not linked, '''formatting''' does not occur.</nowiki>
WikiNames are not linked, '''formatting''' does not occur.

Miscellaneous formatting

Use < pre> </ pre> as an alternative method of preserving layout of text, for example for code, eg
< pre>   preserves      spacing    and
lines</ pre>
   preserves      spacing    and

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