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Number and Bullet Lists

You create bullets and numbered lists by using an "*" asterisk or "#" hash as the first character on a line. eg
* bullets
## numbered list depth two
* bullets
** indented bullets

# numbered list
# numbered list
## indented list
## indented list
### depth 3 indented list
### more
## and more
# and more
    1. numbered list depth two

  1. numbered list
  2. numbered list
    1. indented list
    2. indented list
      1. depth 3 indented list
      2. more
    3. and more
  3. and more

Warning: when you use # inside headers, the first level won't be numbered. The source mentions this 'looks stupid'. Also see this NumberedHeadingsExample

Definition Lists

A definition list can be created by placing a ";" semicolon as the first character on a line, and using a ":" colon to separate the term from the definition. The colon must be on the same line as the semicolon; Definitions can be indented by repeated use of the ";" semicolon. eg
;Verse:The owl and the pussy cat went to sea

;;Indented Term:Definition of an indented term
The owl and the pussy cat went to sea

Indented Term
Definition of an indented term


Does anyone know a way to force numbered lists to continue the numbering sequence after an included bulleted list? I'm looking for the effect of
   <li> 1. Blah
   <li> 2. Blah blah
        <li> * snark
        <li> * snack
   <li> 3. Blorp

But what I get when I use # and ** is

 1. Blah
 2. Blah blah
    * snark
    * snack
 1. Blorp

TIA, John Scott

You can "fake" it by using <br>, so it looks like this:
  1. Blah
  2. Blah blah
    * snark
    * snack
  3. Blorp

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