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Changes to Formatting Rules

October 7, 2000: The 0.88 version adds bracketed-links (like [1]), read BracketedLinks for a description. The "Preview" button on the editing page may also be helpful for finding formatting errors before saving.

Bold, Italic and Fixed-width Text:

UseModWiki also implements the old "quote style" of text formatting, which is used on several wikis. Briefly:
''Two single quotes are italics'',
'''three single quotes are bold''',
'''''five single quotes are bold and italic.'''''
looks like:
Two single quotes are italics,
three single quotes are bold,
five single quotes are bold and italic.
The "quote style" formatting is often confusing, especially when multiple bold and italic sections are mixed on a line. It may eventually be removed from UseModWiki.

Indented Text:

Simple indented text:
: Text to be indented (quote-block)
:: Text indented more
::: Text indented to third level
...which looks like:
Text to be indented (quote-block)
Text indented more
Text indented to third level


Headings are delimited by 1-6 equal signs (=). They correspond to HTML's <h1> through <h6> tags.

= Headline size 1 =

== Headline size 2 ==

=== Headline size 3 ===

==== Headline size 4 ====

===== Headline size 5 =====
====== Headline size 6 ======
N.b. There must be a space between the equal signs and the text.

Bold, Italic and Fixed-width Text:

To mark text as bold, italic or fixed-width, you can use the HTML <b>, <i> and code tags. For example:
Sample <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, and <b><i>bold+italic</i></b>.
Sample <code>fixed-width</code>.
looks like:
Sample bold, italic, and bold+italic.
Sample fixed-width.
Note that UseModWiki (like most Wikis) processes pages line-by-line, so if you want three bold lines of text, you will need to use three separate <b>...</b> tags. Also note that unclosed or unmatched tags are not removed from the page.

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