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Add the formating rules to the end of each page. This is pulled in from a page itself. See [.TextFormattingRules] as an example. This way you can configure your support for the edit pages. I know this is pulling in two pages to deliver one page, but it makes it flexible and also a very small mod.

Here is another example of someone adding this kind of thing [WikiPatches/BetterEditPage]



The Mod

--- wiki.1.0.0.pl	Thu Sep 12 10:53:14 2002
+++ wikipatch.TextFormattingPatch.pl	Tue Dec 23 12:24:34 2003
@@ -3300,6 +3300,9 @@
     print "<h2>", T('Preview only, not yet saved'), "</h2>\n";
     print '</div>';
+  &OpenPage(".TextFormattingRules");
+  &OpenDefaultText();
+  print &WikiToHTML($Text{'text'});
   print '<div class=wikifooter>';
   print &GetHistoryLink($id, T('View other revisions')) . "<br>\n";
   print &GetGotoBar($id);

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