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Group subpage updates together.

Hide subpages, show only main page.

Indent subpage updates one level, would distinguish from main page updates.

Separate RecentChanges pages for main topics and subpages. (For instance, a RC page for the Pattern top-level page and all its subpages.)


How about this?

Let individuals set preferences to: show all but exclude some or show none but include some mainpages they wish to have subpage changes show up for.

This seems like the only way to get the advantage of letting people ignore conversations they wish to. I am imagining (and planning) enough different subcultures in my WikiWiki that this may become relevant at some point (first, i have to get people playing with it (it's 4 days old -- and that means getting them to sit in front of it -- explaining WikiWiki does no good for many people). --JohnAbbe?

The latest plans for user filtering are based on categories (and later MeatBall:PersonalCategories). This should allow much greater flexibility in filtering. (For instance, many of the Wiki:ExtremeProgramming pages are not obvious from their titles.) I doubt this will happen before the end of 2000 (version 0.92 target date), however. --CliffordAdams

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