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A GreenOnBlack? (final version will be like an old console) like Layout for UseModWiki, not perfect yet but I will keep it updated with descriptions and links to graphics


I some styles so that one can now distingiush between WikiPageLinks? and external links as well as WikiPageEdit? with a graphical indication. The files are all placed in http://marcher.name/images/ Indexes from apache should be enabled....

You are free to use all the stuff except DarkSquirrel, I'd like to keep that for my own site. Note: the WikiPageEdit? Picture isn't very good need to work on this

I deleted the pasted stuff for now as I'm doing a lot of work on this one at the moment. Didn't want to change the page every few hours when I think it looks good. I did a complete rewrite and added comments to the file so that one should be able to figure easily out which part formats certain elements of the wiki.


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