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Here are Some examples of stylesheets for Usemod.

If you are interested in giving style sheets to the Usemod Community, please put the code for the style sheet in a subpage like it is done below.

You may also indicate a link to a site where the style sheet is showcased so we can all see the marvellous style sheet.


How it works

As a Usemod User

Just save a style sheet on your hard drive with the extension: .CSS and at Preferences, indicate the address of the style sheet URL and Usemod will do the rest.

This way you can see any Usemod site with the style sheet of your choice.

As an administrator

Do the same but save the CSS on your site.

From Martin NOTE: the links on these subpages are dead

see also WikiBugs/CSSFormatting

From David Aumueller (Yawn Wiki)

From Tarquin

From Pokute - http://www.imbe.net (Yes, that IS usemod!)

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