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If I am going to implement my own UseModWiki instance, is there an easy way to transfer all the user help pages from this site (like TextFormattingRules etc.) as well? I tried a bit of copying page per page, but that seems to be most annoying.

-- Michael Harwerth

I've just got UseMod running on some hosted web space (bit of a struggle with permissions, but sorted eventually) and now I'm looking around here for a set of "starter pages" (tutorial, sand box, etc). Michael, your question is spot on. I'd really like to know the answer as well.

-- John W

Well, I just created my own set of starter pages, but they probably won't be of interest, since they're in Dutch :-) The good thing about this is that you learn a lot about wiki in the process. Perhaps it's worth it to do it yourself.

-- Jurriaan

Thanks Jurrian. I agree, learning-by-doing is good. Though I still think if someone could come up with a generic set of starter pages, that would be really great. Meanwhile, although I started by grabbing copies of other people's pages, I've now filled the gap by making links to other sites (making the links bring up a new window, so my visitors don't go away to more interesting places!).

-- John W

Why not use direct links? Edit the text of this to see how...

The content is easy to change, just press "Edit text of this page" on the bottom of every page. If you are new to the [WikiWay] you may want to look at the [TextFormattingRules], but the basics are easy to figure out. There is a ScratchPad? for you to practice on.

If you have sections to add just use the "Edit text of this page" link on the bottom of every page.

When editing a page, you can link to a new page by removing the spaces between two or more words, and starting each word with a capital letter. After you have saved your changes, the new page will contain question mark link ('?'), which denotes a nonexistent page, following that link you can edit your new page.

-- GeorgeGeorgalis

A set of "starter pages" was one of my original goals for 1.0, but it didn't happen. The main reason is the permissions problem, which would likely frustrate many users. (The most common permissions problem occurs when CGI scripts are run as "nobody" or some other special user--this can lead to the script not being able to read or modify some files.) Documenting this problem (and the workarounds) for users of varying skill levels would take more time than I'm willing to spend now.

To create a starter set, you just need to copy the appropriate files from the "page" directory of the $DataDir. For example, you could copy the file page/T/TextFormattingRules?.db from an old wiki to the new wiki. It is not necessary to change any other file. (You will need to link to these copied pages from some other page, since pages will not appear on RecentChanges unless they are edited locally.)

If someone else creates a set of starter pages, I am willing to host them on usemod.com (with full credit given to the sources). --CliffordAdams

You could make a WikiLink to someone else's starter pages. For the few Wiki's I've implemented so far, though, I've made different starter pages for each one. Different audiences need different things. Imagine how different the starter pages are for the software developers where I work, vs. the starter pages that my relatives use for sharing pictures and keeping in touch. --RichardLack

What is the licencing status of the existing starter pages in this Wiki? are we allowed to copy them to our own Wiki?

-- Me?

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