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There are many people who are installing UseMod who can't figure out what this means.

$SiteBase = ""; # Full URL for <BASE> header

The $SiteBase and $RedirType? settings are useful in a few rare situations. The $SiteBase setting allows the admin to specify a <BASE> header for each wiki page, which can sometimes help when a site wants to standardize the URLs of its pages. For example, this wiki is accessible at the hostnames "www.usemod.com" and "usemod.com" (without the www). I want people to link to the "www.usemod.com" version, so I set the $SiteBase to "http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/". This means that if a person goes to a url like http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?UserHelp (without the www), all the links will point to "www.usemod.com". (If I ever move to another webhosting provider the plain "usemod.com" links might stop working.)

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