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Creating an intranet wiki for software developers and more general usage using UseModWiki. Using Apache Apache2 and ActivePerl under Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000.

Now moved on to PmWiki due to its increased functionality, yet ease of installation.

Installed patches:

Patches I intend to install, or would like to see in the NextRelease (in addition to the ones above):


I use WinMerge to compare the patches I download with wiki.pl to integrate them correctly.

Please see the comment at the bottom of WikiPatches about posting the patch [here], rather than us going off site to a link that may eventually fail. Cheers :-)
Thanks David for your response and patches - always gratifying
No problem. Below a small patch that will allow a new page creation by entering the name on the search field. A note should be added on the side, just like I did on Netbros (http://www.netbros.com/). Enjoy! -- DavidCollantes
sub DoSearch {
  my ($string) = @_;
  if (&SearchTitleAndBody($string) <= 0) { #PATCH
  print "Location: $ScriptName?$string\n\n"; #PATCH
  exit; #PATCH
  } #PATCH
And yet another. To add a search icon to the right of the search field (you can still the image from my site as well):
  if (defined($search)) {
    $text = $q->textfield(-name=>'search', -value=>$search, -size=>20, -class=>'fix');
    $text .= " " . $q->image_button(-name=>'search', -src=>'/images/search.gif', -align=>'MIDDLE'); #PATCH
  } else { 
   $text = $q->textfield(-name=>'search', -size=>20, -class=>'fix');
   $text .= " " .$q->image_button(-name=>'search',-src=>'/images/search.gif',-align=>'MIDDLE');#PATCH
Ops, my bad, I have too many patches applied and forgot about one that affect the icon on the search field. Just go to "sub getsearchform" and do:
sub GetSearchForm { 
  my ($result);
  $result = T('Search:') . ' ' . $q->textfield(-name=>'search', -size=>20)
            . &GetHiddenValue("dosearch", 1) . " " . $q->image_button(-name=>'search', -src=>'/images/search.gif', -align=>'MIDDLE');
  return $result;

Sorry about it! Let me know if you get it working. About Netbros, yes, I am using a javascript (instead of a .css) to serve stylesheets. The modification is very easy, really. I can share the css_serve.js file with you if you want and give you some pointers on where to go to change the call on the code. Of course, I could also tar.gz my whole modified code and put it up for download :-)

Can I turn this patch of yours into a sub page of WikiPatches?
Sure, please, do. I posted another patch recently to split the search results/index on multiple pages. Pretty useful when you have thousands of pages. Also, I applied a little patch on my Wiki to limit search to three characters or more, but no less. Do you think anyone would be interested on that?. Cheers. -- DavidCollantes

The content of the css_serve.js is:
if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Win") != -1 & navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
        var cssfilename = "pc_ie.css";
else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Win") != -1 & navigator.appName == "Netscape" & navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Gecko") == -1) {
        var cssfilename = "pc_ns.css";
else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Win") != -1) {
        var cssfilename = "pc.css";
else if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Linux") != -1) {
        var cssfilename = "linux.css";
else {
        var cssfilename = "mac.css";
document.write('<link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/' + cssfilename + '" type="text/css">');
Enjoy! -- DavidCollantes

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