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I'd like to stress this one!

It improves readability and ease of use, as it is much nicer on the eyes.

The same is true for the /Format.

I'm relatively new to UseMod, but definitly liked it's easy install feature. So forgive me, if I'm missing something here. I think I have seen in another WikiWiki a method to write local text to overwrite the official name of the entry (similar as in bracketed URL Links).

I have to agree with this, it's something I'd very much like to see in UseMod, and I don't imagine that a patch (or even an option in a later release) would be too difficult to implement, I'm just not familiar with the code.

I'm fairly familiar with the code (having written most of it :-), and this wouldn't be easy to do cleanly (without breaking the backlinks at the top of each page). If you don't care about the backlinks feature (which makes the page titles into search links), a patch would be easier. Personally, I recommend using Free Links rather than WikiWords which avoids most of this problem (and makes links easier to read in wiki text). --CliffordAdams

I wrote the section "I have to agree...". Just wanted to think you for taking the time to reply and give a viewpoint from the implementor's point of view.

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