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I will put various pieces of hacked wiki code into a demo site, currently at http://river.redbricks.org.uk/WikiDemo - note it is not yet clear if this site will stay here or move next door to http://wiki.redbricks.org.uk/WikiDemo when that host comes online, so if you bookmark the link come back here for the other one if it breaks later.

Please click on that link to see what is there at present

The host is a collectively owned private server on our housing estate - don't expect five nines uptime from us. If we are down, please try again after coffee, if we are still not back, try after a few hours...

Comments on the code should go onto the appropriate page on this wiki - see the link(s) below the directory listing directory.

Comments on the demo site itself can be left below.

Very useful, thanks. (I agree with you regarding the Functions page, but what to do? I'm just putting basic content up, and letting greater minds refactor... ) --RobertBrook

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