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This page is a list of recently changed pages. The default timezone is US EST/EDT. See RecentChangesOptions or the [Preferences] page for more options. Here is the [rss feed] for this wiki. The AntiSpamLimits page lists some editing limits that are implemented on this wiki.

Note: This site is intended for discussing, testing, and documenting the UseModWiki software. Unrelated topics should be discussed on other sites; the usemod.com site is not a hosting service. Off-topic pages may be deleted at any time. Email comments may be sent to usemod@usemod.com.

August 28, 2009: Bugfix release 1.0.5 is available. See UseModWiki/Download.

Please join the conversation on MeatBall:MeatballBoard

Meatball now has a responsibility to continue to host the UseModWiki community as we now run the servers and domain; however, communication between the two communities has considerable room for improvement. More pressingly, there might be a number of things that could be done to improve things around here, perhaps such as installing an anti-spam system and opening the mainstream development to the wider community by setting up a mailing list and a SourceForge CVS repo. If you'd like to participate in the decision making process, please join the conversation on Meatball. We're going to set up an initial board by October, 2006, which is soon! -- SunirShah

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