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The [Python programming language] is a useful test topic for subpages. There is a lot to be said about the language, and some ideas are controversial. The author of this page apologizes in advance for any offense (even if deserved :-).

Python is a "scripting" language which has goals of simplicity and legibility. See /Introduction? for more background information, and /SampleCode? for samples of Python. Several /Books? about the language have been published.

The creator of Python advocates its use as a teaching language--see /TeachingBenefits?. One of Python's most controversial features is its use of whitespace to indicate blocks of code. See /IndentBlock? for calm, reasoned discussion about this idea.

Python is often used for the same purposes as the PerlLanguage, and many people argue which language is better (/VsPerl?, /VsOtherScripting?).

Several /Suggestions? have been made for extending Python.

See /MiscComments? for more suggestions.

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