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UseModWiki/Documentation: Functions: OpenKeptRevisions

 Initializes hash %KeptRevisions with each of the KeptPages from the keep file
 (which is loaded into @KeptList by a call to &OpenKeptList ).
 To actually do something useful after this, you need to call &OpenKeptRevision afterwards. 
 &OpenKeptRevision will break out a revision into its own hash.

 sub OpenKeptRevisions {
   my ($name) = @_;  # Name of section
   my ($fname, $data, %tempSection); 

   %KeptRevisions = ();
   foreach (@KeptList) {
     %tempSection = split(/$FS2/, $_, -1);
     next  if ($tempSection{'name'} ne $name);
     $KeptRevisions{$tempSection{'revision'}} = $_;

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