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The following text was written before the 1.0 release (in September 2003), and most of it may be deleted soon. You may look at ProposalFor1.1.

Currently (December 30, 2003) I am planning to release 1.1 in late January 2004. (Those who waited for 1.0 may wish to take any release plans with a boulder of salt. :-) The 1.1 release will probably be the final release of UseModWiki. --CliffordAdams

This title will tag WikiPatches that will go into the next release of the script. Request below what's missing from the list. As always, the goal will to be to maintain good MeatBall:FeatureKarma, as well as to make a release by sometime June 2002 tractable, but this is going to be heading towards 1.0 so let's not miss anything important.

Open questions remain like what more minor cosmetic patches should be applied, what about CSS classes, and how many of the MeatballWiki patches (listed on MeatBall:PatchHistory) should we take?

Patches like the easier WikiPatches/BackLinks patch will be rejected if they do not work in all cases.

See also UseModWiki/NextReleaseGossip.

It might be a minor thing, but I've often wished for ThisWiki?: entry to implicitly exist in the interwiki file. This way it will "just always be there and be right" rather than having to always manually add it to the interwiki file (and update it in each wiki instance on a server). This makes a admin page really easy to write and transport between sites. Just a thought.

Good catch; that's definitely going in.

Discussion on that at WikiSuggestions/LinkPatterns

Inclusions as of May 20 2002

Based on those pages tagged with NextRelease: Why do we need this section? Isn't clicking on the page heading to see the references to this page enough without someone having to make an update in two places?

For the rest of this discussion eventually a voting system would be nice... I just added my opinion to some suggestions for now. But possibly it would be a better option to vote by adding a special keyword on ones personal page (e.g. mynextreleaseopinion) and list the suggestions after "yes" or "no". That could be evaluated quite easy I guess. -- DavidAndel

Suggested Changes

Should be ThinLine rather than WikiPatches/ThinLineHeadingsConflict
? Why ?
Because it is simpler and more logical to use "=" "==" "===" "====" etc for headings, and "-" "--" "---" "----" etc for horizontal rules -- agreed

Suggested Inclusions

WikiPatches/SeparateCounters (or fixing the bug with nested numbered and bullet lists)
WikiPatches/SaveButtonAtBottomOfPreview (although we should take care of the minor edit problem here)
WikiPatches/TableOfContents (added because it is included in current beta 0.99)
If we include Numbered headings, should we include the table of contents patch? They seem to work well together. -- yes

Does anyone have a patch to mark some pages, or parts of a page as read only?
I don't think we should implement something like that. If anyone would be allowed to mark pages or parts thereof as read only then the wiki would degrade to some sort of hyperforum, where content would be basically added, but not removed anymore. Consequently the value of the info would decrease with the endless growth of its amount, as is the case in forums. And that's exactly the major advantage of wiki IMO that users are able to change and to delete content to disallow a pointless explosion of amount at the expense of quality. -- DavidAndel
A WikiAdministrator? (see Actions and AdminFeatures) can already make a page read only (by adding an edit password). I think this is enough. As noted in the previous comment wiki is about community -- SimonDavis

Do we need double pipes || for tables, or is a single pipe | a better table delimiter?
I think that's a good question. I was even asking myself all time why free links require double square brackets. Single ones would be enough as well, wouldn't they? -- DavidAndel
Because they do different things, viz [[Free Links]], [NextRelease], [Next Release], [Next Release], [1], See [2] -- you don't know how long it took me to find that last reference SimonDavis

I would like to find a fairly powerful table syntax - but haven't had time to research what other wikis do yet. For example I'd like to be able to have a heading row in the table. Also I'd like to be able to merge cells (the html colspan and rowspan attributes). Hence "||" might mean a merged cell, but "| |" could mean an empty cell. -- SimonDavis

The MoinMoin table syntax we will use allows you to merge cells across rows, but not columns. At a certain point, the syntax will become too complex to justify not using HTML table syntax. Watch the MeatBall:FeatureKarma. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve it on MeatBall:TableSyntax. -- SunirShah

I've added a suggested syntax which would allow for things like bullet lists in tables to MeatBall:TableSyntax. I'm still experimenting with code changes at the mo. --DavidClaughton

I would particularly like to see a cleaned up version of WikiPatches/GetReferersBar included in the next release.

I'd also (a small item) like to see a link to TextFormattingRules on the edit page, which would open in a new window.

- LairdPopkin

KeptPages related crashes

On MeatballWiki, we've been experiencing load high enough that the kept pages file has grown very large, over 2MB. The server hosting usemod.com doesn't have enough memory to load a kept pages file this size and process it, consequently crashing the process during diffs, history look ups, and edits. During an edit, this crash will fail to release the edit lock as well. The maintenance phase also fails to expire versions from the file as it cannot load the file to process it. This makes this scenario fatal. This bug must be repaired first. See MeatBall:MeatballSystemNotice. -- SunirShah

Minimal intermap.txt

Cliff and I have resolved to minimize the intermap.txt, but we're waiting for some feedback. See MeatBall:PublicallyEditableInterMap. -- SunirShah

Starter Documentation

There is a motion afoot on MeatBall to release, under some sort of freer licence, some MeatBall pages that would be of use to other wikis or other UseMod wikis. Since some of UseMod is unofficially documented on MeatBall, some of this stuff might be included with the "starter documentation" promised for an upcoming release.

If anyone has any suggestions for pages on MeatBall that they think might be usefully included with a future release of UseMod, perhaps you could add them to the list at MeatBall:MeatballWikiBasicsSnapshot so as to expediate the process of removing copyright encumbrances from these pages. Thanks.

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