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I would define NearMisses to be two pages of the exact same spelling, ignoring case. AlabamA? and AlaBama?, for example. --JimboWales

FWIW I'd rather ask people to stick to the rules to avoid making NearMisses easier - in your above example you've chosen to try and wikify a non wiki word by inventing your own case rules - shouldn't you use Alabama? (that is type [[Alabama]]) instead? I'm always trying to persuade people to either agree on a set of globally recognized abbreviations or don't use abbreviations at all - I work on accounting software and I keep seeing Acc, Account and Acct to name but a few and it makes maintenance a real PITA. If you stick to the "rules" it should be easier to get TheSameWikiName?. -- JohnHarding

Absoultely, JohnHarding, I agree. When I wrote the example, it was before the existence of free linking patterns. Now this is not a problem. --JimboWales

The LinkPattern is meant to flow smoothly with the writing. However, if it does not flow smoothly with the writing, you will need to change it. In the case of WikiPedia, any random noun or verb or phrase can be made into a page. But is this true for every wiki? The traditional LinkPattern is useful for "concept" wikis. That is, those wikis that try to map the relationships between ideas. WikiPedia tries to map the relationships between things, or even words I guess. Not the same thing, thus not the same LinkPattern. Of course, you can always try MeatBall:WikiNameCanonicalization. -- SunirShah

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