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DeletedPage In 1985, Microsoft corporation released [Microsoft Windows 1.0]?, an enhanced user interface and set of applications for its MS-DOS operating system. This was seen at the time as a response to the popular Apple Macintosh computer released in 1984. See [History of the graphical user interface]?.

Windows is known for being overwhelmingly the most popular series of operating systems the world has ever known. Since the release of [Windows NT]? and [Windows 95]?, Microsoft has sold current versions of Windows as stand-alone operating systems for computers based on Intel? microprocessor?s. At one time, Microsoft produced versions for other processors such as the DEC? Alpha?, PowerPC? and MIPS?; as of the release of [Windows 2000]?, Microsoft no longer develops these versions. See [History of Microsoft Windows]?.

The current version of Windows is called [Windows XP]?.

Often, conflicts between [device driver]?s or other harmful to fatal system errors result in Windows's famous [Blue Screen of Death]? error message. This, along with the discovery of major security vulnerabilities, has led to a public perception and resigned acceptance of instability in the Windows product line. See [OS Advocacy]?.

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