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Wouldn't it be a nice idea to merge some of these patches? I think WikiWithCascadingStyleSheet, WikiPatches/DivTags and WikiPatches/TagBlankLines might well be merged into one.

they're not really compatible. WikiWithCascadingStyleSheet/CSSClasses implements all sorts of horrendous HRs to mark off different sections. WikiPatches/DivTags is far superior (if I say so myself): it wraps sections in DIVs and the stylesheet can specify borders, padding etc as desired. Much more flexible.

Are you sure? - I just glanced over it, but it seems to me that he only adds 'class=foo' to existing tags (including but not limited to hr tags :)). That seems like a good idea to me, it adds flexibility for people writing stylesheets, but has no noticable effect whatsoever until you use it in your stylesheet.

One HR CSS styling which works on most browsers is display:hidden ... the IAwiki retains the HRs which appear above and below the page content, and you'll see them if you have style sheets turned off, or not see them if turned on (where the full glory of borders on divs takes over).
Should that not be: hr.wikilinefooter, hr.wikilineheader { display:none; }; --MarkButler

well, apart from the HRs there's "wikitablerow" and "wikitablecell". They are redundant if there is a DIV around all wiki content, since you use contextual selectors for them. As for HRs they are notoriously hard to style across browsers: get the same effect with border-top and border-bottom on divs. The only useful thing I see there is the styling for the Preview header.

the idea of WikiWithCascadingStyleSheet/CSSClasses is to give pretty much everything a CSS class (and a DIV), so that the wiki owner has fine grained control over the look and feel of the wiki without having to hack perl. Consequently where tags such as HR are used for different purposes and in different places they are given different classes to distinguish them (just because browsers don't format them similarly isn't a reason not to allow wiki owners to, say, choose their colour, width, or length). I agree with the initial proposition on this page, the combined used of clases and divs (with classes) and the other suggested patched couldn't come quickly enough for me -- Simon
An example of the way I have recently patched my wiki is to have a div around the header and the footer (class header and footer respectively) and have CSS that for media print says display : none
As for wiki table row and cell styles, I use the same CSS for a wiki and a more conventional intranet, hence I required a way to distinguish them. Also in my experience contextual selectors can at times be difficult to get right, especially for less experienced CSS writers.

At this moment (August 12 2003 CE) I'm planning to add WikiPatches/DivTags to 1.0 (with additional divs for preferences and preview text). I particularly like the idea of a different background color for previewed text.

I am considering WikiWithCascadingStyleSheet/CSSClasses, but I don't like the large number of HR changes. I might implement this partially.

I am also considering the "Alternative Solution 2" patch in WikiPatches/TagBlankLines, but it would probably be a default-off option to be compatible with existing wikis.

As always, comments are encouraged, but I plan to make a final 1.0 decision on this matter in a few days. --CliffordAdams

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