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MeatballWiki has a special relationship with UseModWiki. Much of the development of the major features of UseModWiki are driven by MeatballWiki. MeatballWiki is also related strongly (albeit less so) to other major wikis. Often, if you want to discuss UseModWiki upgrades, you want to do it on MeatballWiki.

The standard spam

Meatball is a loose grouping of people who are interested in online communities, culture and hypermedia. We talk mostly on MeatballWiki. The original goal was to focus on collaborative hypermedia but topics have ranged from intellectual property to cyberpunk to the confusion of uniform resource identifiers. Occasionally, some of us bother to stop blathering and do some real work. You'll find some project journals on MeatballWiki too.

February 22, 2008: MeatballWiki seems to be down for some reason. Was this SunirShah's decision, or a severe spam problem, or was the system cracked into? I am very curious as why a functional, (slightly) active wiki would be shut down like this. --MeatBall:JonasDaltonRand

I'm currently looking into it... -- MarkusLude

MeatballWiki is up again. -- MarkusLude

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