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Implemented by WikiPatches/MagicContent. This feature allows wiki writers to make any page into a MagicPage by adding a command to the top of the page, of the form

 #MAGIC Commandname param1=value param2=value ...

Output is listed below the wiki page. It gets its own CSS DIV class="magic" id={name of command}. It's a good idea to change your stylesheet to make it clear that the content is automatically generated and won't be visible in the edit box. See Unreal:Category_Tutorial for an example.

Future work

Refactor existing system actions

A possible extension to this would be to refactor some of the system actions into the module. This would allow them to be placed on wiki pages instead of "dumb" output. To retain the URL behaviour, the main UseModWiki script would consider

as an "on the fly" insert of
 #MAGIC Links empty=1

This could either display as a "null" page, or a special wiki page called, say, "SystemAction?". Actions to refactor:

New actions

An idea...

Rather than using #MAGIC (@location) Command param=value, why not use <magic param="value">command</magic> (or somethign like that) and allow its insertion anywhere? This allows for more intuitive placement as well as more than one magic command. -- AdamKatz


Commands in the basic patch are:


A template that does nothing. Copy this chunk of script to get started writing new commands.


Just a test that returns the params given.


List all the commands present in the perl module.


List all pages in the wiki. Nicer than the ?action link :)


List the search results for
 [[page title]]
Great to put on category pages.


Lists WantedPages?.

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