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Macintosh refers to a range of [personal computers]? manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc. in Cupertino?, California?, and commonly called Macs.

The GUI? operating system, originally simply refered to as the Macintosh operating system, or informally, the Mac OS, officially became the [Mac OS]?.

Apple has been in the forefront of bringing innovations to the personal computer world by embracing new technologies in their Macintosh computers. Even though Apple didn't invent these new technologies, many of them were introduced as standard features on Macintosh which acted as a market mover as Apple created enough critical mass for after-market vendors to follow suit. For example, USB was on the shelf for quite a while until Apple made it the default keyboard, mouse and peripheral connection for the iMac, and it became widely accepted when a wave of third party USB devices followed. After Macintosh took the lead, other PC manufacturers also adopted the USB standard due to the abundance of USB devices. <p> PC innovations introduced or popularized by Macintosh:

Obviously, we need a lot of information here from Mac aficionados!

<h3>List of Models of Macs, grouped by CPU?</h3> (incomplete, possibly with errors)
(a full list of Macintosh models and specifications may be found at http://www.info.apple.com/applespec/applespec.taf)





PowerPC? 601

PowerPC? 603

PowerPC? 604

G3 (PowerPC? 701?)

G4 (with Altivec) (PowerPC? 750?)

See also MacOS?, PowerPC?, [Power Macintosh]? and [Motorola 68000]?

(macintoshor mackintosh,) A type of raincoat invented by the Scot Charles Macintosh (1766-1843).
A particular species of apple? fruit is the McIntosh?, not spelled the same as the computer. See McIntosh?.
[McIntosh Labs]? is a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio systems. The company was compensated by Apple Computer for the use of its similar trademark.

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