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Q: In case my logo resides in a folder called /public_html/wiki/db. In this folder I have another folder called /bin, which is the home to wiki.pl and a folder called /db for my data. Now what would I put in my configuration file? I tried the whole path to root (/serverhome/myaccount/public_html/wiki/db/wiki.gif), but that didn't seem to work? StephanHochhaus

A: After trying out all possible (and obviously impossible) settings I got it working using: /wiki/db/wiki.gif in the config file.

A2: The above suggestion doesn't work for me. I did take a look at the source code of wiki.perl, the related lines are:

    $logoImage = "img src=\"$LogoUrl\" alt=\"$altText\" border=0";
    $header = &ScriptLink($HomePage, "<$logoImage>");

namely $logoImage should hold the relative path of wiki.gif from your wiki.perl. In your case, I suppose your wiki.perl is located at /public_html/wiki/bin/wiki.perl, while your wiki.gif is located at /public_html/wiki/db/wiki.gif, then $logoImage should be set to "../wiki/db/wiki.gif"... and it works for mine.

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