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The Juggling Progress of CliffordAdams.

[Idea for Wiki page shamelessly (well, mostly shamelessly) stolen from the ErlangWikie? juggling page.]

For a tutorial, see http://www.learn2.com

Early October 1999

October 23, 1999

Did my first 5-toss exchange catching all the balls. Completed about five 4-toss exchanges, and most 3-tosses.

Still having problems controlling the toss from the left hand. Also, later tosses tend to always be lower, leading to too-low tosses by the 4th throw.

October 25, 1999

Completed some 5-tosses, and a couple 6-tosses. The key seems to be throwing correctly, rather than any special skill in catching. (Meaning: if I throw the ball into the appropriate zip code I have a better chance of catching it.) Some of the 5 and 6-toss sequences almost seem like they could just keep going if I could get more height into the last couple tosses. Experimented some with tossing high, then low, then high...

Added link to here from the ErlangWiki?--see http://wikie.vegetable.org/get?node=juggling+progress

Hello all you weird Erlang people! (From an even weirder Perl person :-)

October 26-29, 1999

Quickly went from 6-toss to several 8-toss attempts. Now that I can throw within the right ballpark, many tosses end with collisions. Also, I'm not dropping enough balls--too conservative in catching all the balls when something feels bad.

November 4, 1999

Recently bought a 4th ball of the same kind, although I don't know if I'll be using it soon...

Getting better at catching, and can often recover from a slightly wild throw. Sometimes doing 9 tosses and catching all of them, but often not getting more than 3-4 at a time. A couple times it seems I've got a rhythm started, but then I usually do a wild throw from the fingers.

November 26, 1999

A few days ago I finally reached my first goal--I did 25 tosses at one time! Since then I often do 12 or more tosses, and I've had a few more long sequences of over 20 at a time.

The difference from a few weeks ago is that now I can catch and recover from some minor throwing errors without veering completely out of control. My long sequences often have three errors, and I recover from two of them. :-)

My next goal is for consistency of slightly longer sequences: three consecutive sequences of at least 30 tosses each.

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