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Javascript for programmers


Javascript is the trademarked name for the scripting language used in Netscape browsers, the Microsoft's implementation is called JScript and the standardised version of the language is called ECMAScript

This purpose of this page is to show some ways to program in JavaScript which are not widely known but (I think) are extremely helpful. The HTML/browser JavaScript bindings (API) are NOT the main focus - you probably will not find any information related to it on this page.

Also this page describes techniques for ECMAScript 3. The ECMAScript 4 will provide the new constructs which will eleminate the need for some of the techniques described here.

There is no downloadable code or implementations you can copy and paste. Unfortunately I have no legal rights to publish the code here. The stuff is easily implementable though. I am sure it is not going to take more than 1 day to implement what I am talking about. Feel free to add comments or corrections to these pages

Valuable resources for Javascript programmer



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