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As it says on "InterWiki", MeatballWiki has the canonical information on the InterWiki system. See MeatBall:InterWiki. Since MeatballWiki and UseModWiki are deeply intertwined, you can expect that to be accurate for UseModWiki.
Yes but it says nowhere how to use it (or at least I couldn't find it). That's why I had to dig up the code to understand the system and write the documentation below.

Note: UseModWiki 1.0 includes a basic "intermap" file with a few entries. You can copy this to the $DataDir and add your own entries. (You may need to change the permissions of the "intermap" file so that the wiki script can read it. On Linux or other Unix systems the command chmod ugo+r intermap should make the file readable.

Also, in 1.0 you can use links beginning with "Local:" or "LocalWiki:" to point to the current wiki. This local-link syntax is mostly useful for special actions like those on the System page. For example, Local:action=version will link to the current wiki's version page.

To create the possibility of generating InterWiki links follow the following steps:
 UseMod http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?
 Google http://www.google.com/search?q=
 [UseMod:UseModWiki Go to usemod!!]
To generate, respectively
 [Go to usemod!!]

As you can see from the google example this is powerful enough to let you link to more than other wiki sites.

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