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This page is obsoleted by MeatBall:InterWiki. Kept for context.

If it really is obsolete we should replace it with InterWikiDocumentation The discussion below is several months old as of 1/2002


I'm making an [InterWiki wiki] for people interested in bringing InterWiki about. If you're excited by the idea, please come help out! -- LionKimbro (6 Nov 2003)

See Wiki:InterWiki ( http://www.c2.com/cgi/wiki?InterWiki ) for ideas, and ZWiki:InterWiki for another working implementation.

See MuWeb:InterWiki for an interesting discussion of related issued (as of December 1997).

InterWiki links are now working in UseModWiki. Some sample links are below.

RecentChanges list:

Other samples:

I considered following ZWiki's open approach but I'm concerned about making it easy to redirect all InterWiki links by editing a single page. (I use a text list in the database directory.)

Desired standard features:

How are the interwiki links defined? --SteveWainstead

The regular expression is an uppercase letter, followed by any letters/numbers/underscore, then a ":" (colon) character, then any non-whitespace. The text to the left of the colon is the site name, and the text to the right is simply appended to the link's URL. (Angle brackets "<>" are substituted first, so you can't make arbitrary HTML with a mangled link.)

I propose that the at least the intermap file (which holds the InterWiki definition strings) is treated case-insensitive. See also my patch for adding WikiPatches/InterSiteIcons TomGries 08.03.2004

Can a user view, add to and/or edit the list of known Wiki URL's? (If so, how?) (I actually like the ZWiki approach.) -- HammondWiki:JeffDairiki

No. I don't like the ZWiki approach--it allows a single user to disrupt a huge number of links with a single edit. I also don't like opening other pages to render the current page. For consistency, I'd also like to limit the names of remote sites. (For instance, this site is just UseMod, rather than UseModWiki, UsemodWiki?, UsEmOd?, etc...)

One advantage of a simple list is that it is very easy to update many sites at once. If someone makes a list, other sites could simply copy that file into their wiki directory, rather than editing multiple pages.

Users can send email to the site maintainer who can add their wiki to the list. I'm considering a semi-automatic means for adding wikis, like filling in a form that the admin could quickly review and accept. Perhaps the unofficial (not yet accepted) list could be used if a link doesn't match the official list.

At the current rate of wiki growth, a manually-updated list is not likely to be a problem. To me, it is important to establish a naming standard (like Site:Pagename), but the method of defining the Site->url mapping could be done differently on different sites.

I'll add your wiki to my list shortly.--CliffordAdams

What about using something like the DNS to distribute links? -- ChrisFedde

http://TWiki.org has now enabled its InterWiki plugin - see TWiki:Codev/InterwikiPlugin for more information. This is not yet in the production code but is available in a beta. I've added a couple of TWiki links above. -- TWiki:Main/RichardDonkin
I wrote a patch for adding WikiPatches/InterSiteIcons with an extended intermap file format, which is compatible to the UseMod 1.0 format. TomGries 08.03.2004

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