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# Traduko da Jop Vernooij | Translation by Jop Vernooij
%Translate = split('\n',<<END_OF_TRANSLATION);
Unknown Error (no error text)
Nekonocata Eroro (nula eroro-texto)
Could not create %s
Ne-povis krear %s
Showing revision %s
Ico esas revizo %s
Revision %s not available
Revizo %s ne-disponebla
showing current revision instead
hike esas la maxim recenta revizo vice
Updates since %s
Redakti de pos %s
Updates in the last %s day
Redakti en la lasta %s dio
Updates in the last %s days
Redakti en la lasta %s dii
Could not open %s log file
Ne-povis apertar logo-dokumento %s
Error was
Eroro esis
Note: This error is normal if no changes have been made.
Remarkez: Ica eroro esas ordinara se nula redakti facis.
Could not open old %s log file
Ne-povis apertar anciena logo-dokumento %s
for %s only
nur por %s
%s day
%s dio
%s days
%s dii
List new changes starting from
Listez nova redakti de pos
No updates since %s
Nula redakti de pos %s
Page generated %s
Pagino genitis ye %s
History of %s
Historio di %s
Revision %s
Revizo %s
Random Page
Hazarda Pagino
ID %s
Identeso %s
from %s
de %s
redirected from %s
ridirektita de %s
Edit revision %s of this page
Redaktar revizo %s di ica pagino
Edit text of this page
Redaktar texto di ica pagino
This page is read-only
Ica paginon ne-povas redaktar
View other revisions
Vidar altra revizi
View current revision
Vidar maxim recenta revizo
Search MetaWiki
Serchez MetaWiki
Last edited
Redaktis laste
by %s
da %s
Database is stored in temporary directory %s
Donaji esas en tempala loko %s
Config file error:
Unlock page
Desklefagar pagino
Lock page
Klefagar pagino
Delete this page
Efacar ica pagino
Edit Banned List
Redaktar Exilo-Listo
Run Maintenance
Facez Konservo
Edit/Rename pages
Redaktar/Rinomizar pagini
Unlock site
Desklefagar situo
Lock site
Klefagar situo
Your browser should go to the %s page.
Vua interreto-programo irus a la pagino %s.
If it does not, click %s to continue.
Se nula eventas, kliktez %s.
Thanks for editing...
Danko por redaktar...
Thank you for editing %s.
Danko por redaktar %s.
Link to another page...
Ligas ad altra pagino...
Follow the %s link to continue.
Sequez la ligo %s.
Local rule error:
Lokala regulo-eroro:
major diff
granda difero
minor diff
mikra difero
author diff
(The revisions are identical or unavailable.)
(La revizi esas identa o ne-disponebla.)
no other diffs
nula altra diferi
No diff available.
Nula difero disponebla.
current revision
maxim recenta revizo
revision %s
revizo %s
Difference (from revision %1 to %2)
Difero (de revizo %1 til revizo %2)
No diff available--this is the first %s revision.
Nula difero disponebla—ico esas la maxim recenta revizo %s.
Difference (from prior %s revision)
Difero (de priora revizo %s)
Describe the new page here.
Deskriptez la nova pagino hike.
Bad page version (or corrupt page).
Mala pagino-versiono (od koruptita pagino).
cant write %s
ne-povas skribar %s
Page name is too long: %s
Pagino-nomo %s esas tro longa.
Page name may not contain space characters: %s
Pagino-nomo ne-darfas kontenar spaco-singi: %s
Too many / characters in page %s
Tro multa /-signi en pagino %s
Invalid Page %s (subpage without main page)
Ne-valida pagino %s (sub-pagino sen frontispico)
Invalid Page %s (missing subpage name)
Ne-valida pagino %s (absenta sub-pagino-nomo)
Invalid Page %s (/ not allowed)
Ne-valida pagino %s (/ ne-permisata)
Invalid Page %s
Ne-valida pagino %s
Invalid Page %s (must not end with .db)
Ne-valida pagino %s (ne-darfas finar kun .db)
Invalid Page %s (must not end with .lck)
Ne-valida pagino %s (ne-darfas finar kun .lck)
can not make %s
ne-povas krear %s
Can not open %s
ne-povas apertar %s
Invalid action parameter %s
Ne-valida ago-parametro %s
Invalid URL.
Ne-valida ligo.
Editing Denied
Redakto refuzita
Editing not allowed: user, ip, or network is blocked.
Redakto ne-permisata: uzanto, ip, o reto esas blokusata.
Contact the wiki administrator for more information.
Kontaktez la wiki-administranto por plu multa informo.
Editing not allowed: %s is read-only.
Redaktar ne-permisata: on ne-povas redaktar %s.
Editing %s
Vu redaktas %s
Editing revision %s of 
Vu redaktas revizo %s di
Editing old revision %s.
Vu redaktas anciena revizo %s.
Saving this page will replace the latest revision with this text.
Konservar ica pagino remplesos la maxim recenta revizo kun ica texto.
Edit Conflict!
Redaktez Konflikto!
(This is a new conflict)
(Ico esas nova konflikto)
Someone saved this page after you started editing.
Irgu konservis ica pagino pos vu komencis redaktar.
The top textbox contains the saved text.
La supra texto-buxo kontenesas la konservita texto.
Only the text in the top textbox will be saved.
Nur la texto en la supra texto-buxo konservesos.
Scroll down to see your edited text.
Vua redaktita texto esas suba.
Last save time:
Lasta konservo-kloko:
Current time is:
Kloko esas:
This change is a minor edit.
Ica redakto esas mikra.
Send email notification that %s has been changed.
Notifikez me per elektro-posto kande irgu redaktas %s
Your user name is
Vua uzanto-nomo esas
Visit %s to set your user name.
Vizitez %s por registrigar vua uzanto-nomo.
This is the text you submitted:
Ico esas la texto quo vu publikigis:
NOTE: This preview shows the revision of the other author.
REMARKEZ: Ica previdajo montras la revizo di la altra redaktanto.
Preview only, not yet saved
Ico esas nur revidajo, ne konservita ankore
Editing Preferences
User Information:
Your User ID number: %s
Vua uzanto-numero: %s
(blank to remove, or valid page name)
(ne-skribez ulo por efacar, o valida pagino-nomo)
Set Password:
Registragar Pasovorto:
(blank to remove password)
(ne-skribez ulo por efacar pasovorto)
Passwords allow sharing preferences between multiple systems.
Uzez vua pasovorto en altra komputero por sinkronigar vua preferaji.
Passwords are completely optional.
Pasovorti esas ne-necesa.
Administrator Password:
(Administrator passwords are used for special maintenance.)
(Administro-Pasovorti esas por specala manteno.)
Include this address in the site email list.
Inkluzez ica adreso en la situo-posto-listo.
(Uncheck the box to remove the address.)
(Des-markizar la buxo por efacar la adreso.)
Email Address:
Default days to display:

Most recent changes on top

Show all changes (not just most recent)

Hide minor edits

Show minor edits

Show only minor edits

Minor edit display:

Use "changes" as link to history

Show (diff) links on %s

Show differences on all pages

No differences on %s
%s ne havas diferi

Default difference type:


Server time:

Time Zone offset (hours):

Use 100% wide edit area (if supported)

Edit area rows:


Show link bar on top

Add "Random Page" link to link bar

StyleSheet URL:

Saving Preferences

Invalid UserID %s, preferences not saved.

(Preferences require cookies, but no cookie was sent.)

UserName removed.

Invalid UserName %s: not saved.

UserName must be 50 characters or less. (not saved)

UserName %s saved.

Password removed.

Password changed.

Administrator password removed.

Administrator password changed.

User has administrative abilities.

User has editor abilities.

User does not have administrative abilities.

(Password does not match administrative password(s).)

Local time:

StyleSheet URL removed.

StyleSheet setting saved.

Preferences saved.

Could not read from %s:

Could not get mail lock

Could not append to %s:

Could not overwrite %s:

Index of all pages


User ID number:


Login Results

Login for user ID %s complete.

Login for user ID %s failed.

Could not get user-ID lock

Search for: %s

Backlinks for: %s

%s pages found:

Full Link List

Editing not allowed for %s.



%s cannot be defined.

Could not get editing lock

Normal Unlock.

Removing edit lock

This operation may take several seconds...

Forced Unlock.

%s log error:

can not write diff_log




Maintenance on all pages

Maintenance not done.

(Maintenance can only be done once every 12 hours.)

Remove the "maintain" file or wait.

Could not get maintain-lock

Maintenance done at %s

Processing rename/delete commands:

Could not get lock for RC maintenance

Maintaining RC log

RC maintenance done.

RC maintenance not done.

This operation is restricted to site editors only...

This operation is restricted to administrators only...

Set global edit lock

Remove global edit lock

Edit lock created.

Edit lock removed.

Set page edit lock

Remove page edit lock

Missing page id to lock/unlock...

Lock for %s created.

Lock for %s removed.

Editing Banned list

Updating Banned list

Empty banned list or error.

Resubmit with at least one space character to remove.

Removed banned list

Updated banned list

Editing Links

UpdateLinksList could not get main lock

Updating Links

Empty command list or error.

Finished command list.

Could not open %s log file:

Error was:

Delete-Page: page %1 is invalid, error is: %2

Rename-Text: old page %1 is invalid, error is: %2

Rename-Text: new page %1 is invalid, error is: %2

Rename: old page %1 is invalid, error is: %2

Rename: new page %1 is invalid, error is: %2

Rename: new page %s already exists--not renamed.

Rename: old page %s does not exist--nothing done.

Displaying Wiki Version

Delete %s

Confirm deletion of %s by following this link:

Confirm Delete

%s can not be deleted.

%s can not be deleted because it is locked.

%s has been deleted.

File Upload Page

The current upload size limit is %s.

Change the %s variable to increase this limit.

File to Upload:

Upload Finished

The wiki link to your file is:

Could not open file %s

Convert wiki DB

You must change the %s option before converting the wiki DB.

Wiki DB locked for conversion.

Converting Wiki DB...

Finished converting wiki DB.

Remove file %s to unlock wiki for editing.

Trim wiki users

Removed %s files.

Recommended $StartUID setting is %s.



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