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Sorry, I'm not good at English..

I live in South Korea and I have been using UseModWiki about 4 years.

A few people and I modified UseModWiki 0.92 for our purpose. The modification includes bug fix, new features (including those of usemod 1.0), useful macros, etc. You can see the example in:

http://gypark.pe.kr/cgi-bin/english/wiki.pl, alternatively UseModKr

That wiki is CVS version of my modification. So it may print "internal server error", "die at ...", etc. when I am modifying and testing.
It is configured to "no translation", so all the messages are shown in English. But the page contents are written mainly in Korean, not only because I'm not good at English :-), but also because the main purpose of my modification involves in running my personal homepage - in Korean, of course - with UseModWiki.

-- GyPark

About: broken link? (February, 2007)

Yes, it was broken until yesterday. :-) I was maintaining the English-version of out modified wiki from 2002 to 2005. However, so many WikiSpams began to invade and I gave up deleting them in 2005.
Now (Feb. 23th, 2007), some anti-spam features are added and I re-open that site. I wish the anti-spam features work well :-)

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