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aka [Garnet R. Chaney]... Veteran wiki hacker since discovering v0.92 in 2001. Likes to hide in apartments in foreign countries and develop obscure extensions to the dozens of wikis he is now running. Goes around the world and gives free lectures on the joy of wiki to anyone who will listen. Is currently sweating in Malaysia hacking on his wikis, teaching about wiki, arguing with his PDA, photographing strange spiders and dragon flies in the jungle, and helping the natives fight a furniture factory fire in the neighborhood. Has been known to offer free wiki hosting and training, instead of food, to out of work dot-com'ers.

http://www.chat11.com is his main wiki. Also hosting a half million page wiki at http://www.trulyopendirectory.com Has nine versions of the Bible online in a wiki so that anyone can annotate them with links to sermons, or help with adding center reference annotations from a 1936 Cyclopedic Study Bible http://www.bible11.com This wiki supports a syntax for automatically linking Bible verse references to the wiki page for that chapter.

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