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Here is another page of [Garnet R. Chaney].... I also play over at the [wikipedia]. Back in 2001 I was hacking on UseMod 0.92, and I just put it back online over at [Chat11].

Here is a wiki /Directory? of some of my (non-wiki) sites. I have also been preparing my bookmarks as non-subpages to compare the differences in linking and ease of editing, here at [Garnet's Bookmarks]?.

I am writing this comparison of usemod with mediawiki that runs the Wikipedia. Rather than going through and trying to do a feature by feature comparison I'm focusing on the main points to be noticed by administrators and users, by actually using these two system to develop the list of bookmarks above. I'm also looking at some other Wiki's such as [FPWiki].

This sounds like a very useful patch to this system: WikiPatches/PerlDiff Allows the UseModWiki software to directly do the diffs without spawning an external process.

I just discovered [Internet-Encyclopedia.org] which is an attempt to clone Wikipedia, but with a different editorial style.

Recent letters to friends:

Some of my new wikis:

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