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Pls. use in Subject "Bezug-UseMod". Working for http://www.aed-sicad.com (7454).

If you use German words for subject, my spam filters are more tolerant.


Can someone help me finding solutions for ...

1. illegal brackets

Correct in this UseMod engine is: I have written a German Einleitung auf deutsch.

→ have a look to WikiPatches/UnBracketText. This is a very nice patch. Don't forget to set the variable $BracketText=2; TomGries
→ regarding a Manual: it's worth to apply my GermanTranslation, as this gives already a lot of hints to the new user; some like it very much. Read, what Tilman Holst wrote: This Translation has a feature that plain UseMod does not have. It ist almost self explaining. I like that. --TilmannHolst, 2004-01-27 TomGries

please feel free to add text for me below here:

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