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Hello, world. My bio-like object can be found at Wiki:ElizabethWiethoff. I've been a UseMod user at [Bookshelved], [TheAdjunct], and [RubyGarden] for some time now and I appreciate its medium powerful but not overkill features. A few days ago I installed UseMod on my beau's PC so that he'd have a wiki to organize his research project. He's been wikiing up a storm with very little help from me, and since applying the WikiPatches/UnderlineTag patch I've become a genuine UseMod weenie.

UseMod is so simple to install and administer, even for a non-Perl programmer like me. Oh, I'm a programmer but not a Perl person. And I don't do databases and I don't do Apache. I'm not a LAMP person. I'm running UseMod on Win XP Pro with TinyWeb and a firewall. I'm assuming the firewall keeps my beau's wiki from being accessible to the world. He only wants a personal wiki for his own work, after all.

The UseMod installation advice to try TinyWeb was just my speed. It was quite painless to set up, and I like the fact that we're not using Microsoft's built-in server (which I disabled as soon as he got his computer). Then I installed a nice pile of Unix utilities so he'd have diff. (Plus, touch is awfully handy after he's loaded a pile of photos from his digital camera dated 1/1/70!) Then I installed ActivePerl. His machine came with Python and I'm already a Pythonista, but I figure Perl will come in handy some day for other things besides the wiki.

UseMod is just one file. The fact that it's just a cgi means that the results of modifications can be seen immediately upon refreshing a wiki page. I don't have to dork around shutting down and restarting something. My Perl skills are minimal, but the UseMod script is pretty easy to follow. I found applying the WikiPatches/UnderlineTag patch to be enjoyable. Even debugging the patch (there was a small bug) was enjoyable.

This UseModWiki home site is informative and already feels like home. I recognize a few names here and I've only just shown up. Because the site is a public wiki, I can supply suggestions, patches, and whatnot without trouble. In fact, I spotted a bug on the WikiPatches/UnderlineTag page and already fixed it (before I created my cookie).

Thanks for a nice piece of software and a good community.

-- Elizabeth (Jan 2006)

Installed WikiPatches/EditFromTop just fine, and split the wiki into two separate wikis -- Eliz (Jun 2006)

just boosting a friend's Google juice: [math tutor in brooklyn & manhattan, new york] -- Eliz (Oct 2007)

and another friend: [LarryBeth Web Services Unlimited] -- Eliz (Oct 2007)

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