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As I understand it, setting this configuration variable is supposed to prevent anyone from editing any page unless they enter the specified password. Unfortunately this is not working for me. Any suggestions?

The editor password ($EditPass) does not stop anyone from editing pages (it gives permission, but does not take it away). You have to "lock" the wiki (see below) to restrict editing. After you lock the wiki, only those who have entered the editor password ("editors") will be able to edit.

To lock the wiki you must be an administrator (you must enter the $AdminPass? password). Once you are an administrator, at the bottom of each page there is a toolbar of admin Actions. The last action is "Lock site" (or "Unlock site" if the site is currently locked). Follow that link to lock (or unlock) the site. Once you have locked the site only editors (and admins) can edit the site.

Note, locking or unlocking the site doesn't mean setting/unsetting variables in your site's config file. Rather, UseModWiki creates or deletes little flag files in your wiki_db directory to indicate to the script various details such as whether or not the site is locked.

The reason the $EditPass does not lock other users is that it allows a sometimes-open wiki to have a trusted core of editors who can edit all the time. If the wiki is attacked, any admin user can lock the wiki allowing only the "editors" to edit. Once the attackers go away, the wiki can be unlocked again to allow everyone to edit. --CliffordAdams

NB: the latest version of this script has a cookie exire date set in the past. This breaks the setting of user preferences and passwords.

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